We’ve all experienced learning. Mostly, it was a boring experience. We had to sit through lesson after lesson in which we copied down our teacher’s notes from the board, hoping that the highlight of the lesson would be something better than the butterfly gently floating past the window. After the lesson, we would have to make sure that we had gained a good understanding of all of the material covered, do further reading, and then ask our teacher if we had any questions about the course. This method of learning is far from the most efficient, as learners are forced to commit huge amounts of time to obtaining the knowledge required for their course. They also have relatively infrequent contact with their teachers. Here’s why blended learning helps you to speak to your teachers whenever you need to, a learn more efficiently than ever before.

Learning doesn’t have to involve hours spent sitting at a desk

Going to that class at 8.30am is a slightly inconvenient but novel experience on the first occasion. By the end of the course; it’s just annoying. Smartella’s unique blended learning platform allows you to study wherever and whenever you want to. Instead of having to attend a scheduled class to learn, learners are given their course materials to study in their own time. They can then gain a good understanding of these materials before consulting their teacher. Their teacher can then expand on the knowledge of the relevant topic that the learner already has, instead of having to teach them a topic from scratch. Learners can then learn more information, in more detail, more quickly than if they had attended a traditional class.

Get 1-2-1 Support From Your Teachers At A Time That Suits You

Traditional teaching often only gives learners access to their teachers at specific times, providing that they travel to meet with them or to attend one of their scheduled classes. By contrast, blended learning gives students access to virtual classrooms, forums, chats and 1-2-1 video meetings with their teachers. Smartella offers learners a series of bespoke learning experiences which allow them to get support on part of the course that they’re finding difficult from the comfort of their own homes, at times which are convenient for them. Due to this convenience, the risk of learners not having chance to ask their teacher questions, which can sometimes arise during traditional classes is completely removed. The result is a truly personalised educational experience in which each individual learner can obtain the support that they need to achieve their full potential.

Upskill More Quickly

Who’s goes into the office and doesn’t want to earn money? Losers. You want to win, you want to get ahead, and you want to collect a nice, big pay packet at the end of the month. Very often, that means taking a course to gain new skills. The easiest way to obtain these skills is by studying easily-accessible courses that expand your knowledge of the key issues that are influencing key decisions in your sector. Thanks to blended learning, borders are no longer barriers when it comes to studying. Wherever a learner is in the world; they can obtain knowledge from educational experts situated across the world and share ideas with their peers internationally. Blended learning therefore helps professionals around the world to obtain the knowledge that they need to succeed, whenever they need it.

Make Sure Everyone Is On The Same Page

What’s the point of your team in one country learning a course, only to try to work with your team in another country who have studied completely different material, as part of a completely different course which somehow has the same title as the one that your team studied? The answer is, absolutely none. These disparities contribute to massive wastage of both time and resources. Smartella’s innovative blended learning platform ensures that everyone can study same material, no matter where they are based. No confusion, no wondering who took which modules, and no disappointment at the end of your course; with our platform, you just get quality training and results.

How Does Smartella Make Learning More Efficient

Our unique platform combines blended learning with outstanding e-commerce solutions to help learners to purchase and study the courses that they need to master as quickly as possible. Through virtual classrooms, forums, chats and a whole host of other support offerings, we ensure that learners can receive the answers to any questions that they may have, as efficiently as possible. Smartella makes course resources easier than ever to view and download, and even allows further details and comments to be added to them during a learning session through annotations and other notes. Our platform helps your learners to gain new skills in more efficient, and most importantly, more enjoyable ways than ever before.


To give your learners the tools they need to succeed from any location, please get in touch with us today. Let’s move knowledge forwards together.