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Online learning has evolved. No longer are students satisfied with video calls and static course material - they want interactive and immersive learning. With our Virtual Classroom you can take your online learning to a whole new level and engage them like never before.

Bring to life your ideas with our Virtual Classroom.


Smartella is easy to customise and allows us to deliver personal and interactive content. There’s a revolution going on in eLearning and Smartella is emerging as the leader in this space.

Ted DaleCo-Founder, Aperian Global

Personal, Insightful & Interactive.

High Definition Learning.

Our Virtual Classroom is built with the latest video software, meaning your learners get to experience your content with the clarity it deserves.

A collaborative Learning Experience.

Our Virtual Classroom has been created with collaboration in mind - you can host breakout sessions, run ideation workshops and facilitate lively debates. You can also allow participants to take control so they can lead and present their ideas.

An integrated approach.

Our Virtual Classroom comes with our innovative Learning Management System, allowing for a seamless transition and learning experience. This gives you the ability to deliver a blended learning experience - proven to be the best way to engage your students.

Make your learning a virtual reality.

We believe in listening to our customers and responding to their needs. That’s why we’ve developed our Virtual Classroom based on what you’ve told us you value.

Take Notes

Annotate your presentations to illustrate your points.


Use our Interactive Whiteboard to discuss ideas.

Learn from Learners

Poll your learners to quickly gauge their thoughts.

Share Content

Share videos and documents to bring to life your learning.


Chat with your students either publicly or privately.

Group Learning

Breakout your learners into small working groups.

Video Tools

Record your session and instantly make it available.

Admin Control

Keep in control with administration tools and features.

Unlike other standalone Virtual Classroom solutions, ours comes pre-packaged as part of our 360 Learning Environment (including our innovative LMS and Interactive Content Creation Tool). To find out more about our Virtual Classroom and to explore the full functionality of our entire platform, request a personalised demo.

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