Do you enjoy being broke? Obviously not. You want you training company to make as much money as possible. To make that happen you need to partner with a platform which offers all of the features that your learners want and is super-easy for them to use.

Easy-To-Use Navigation Prevents Boredom

If your platform takes ages to load, users won’t stick around and wait before getting to your homepage. It is essential that learners can view, edit and download resources for the courses they are studying in just a few clicks. When people are taking training courses in addition to working 12-hour days, their time is at an absolute premium and they don’t have time to wait for a platform to load; or for its content to finish buffering. It is vital that training providers choose platforms that allow learners to study as efficiently as possible, in order to sell access to these platforms as widely as possible. Smartella’s unique platform loads instantly so that your users can spend more time learning, and less time waiting.

Single Logins Spare Users From Frustration

As with other accounts across the internet, passwords are essential to the security of learners’ accounts on e-learning platforms. However, once a learner has logged-in for the first time, they should not be asked to log-in again when they visit specific pages within the platform. These unnecessary and time-consuming security requests will only frustrate learners and discourage them from using the platform. A platform that places one single, unique, log-in at its point of entry and then leaves learners to study in peace, without interruption, will be far more popular with its users and will therefore generate considerably greater profits for training providers than less convenient competing platforms. Smartella allows users to log-in once and then learn in complete security. That gives learners and training providers the peace of mind that they need to succeed.

Sales Increases Are Always Useful

From a training provider’s perspective, the only thing better than an e-learning platform that facilitates fantastic training and education is a platform that promotes additional sales to learners whilst they are using it. This is not done through unwanted advertising that seizes and analyses unwanted quantities of users’ personal data. Rather, it allows educators to conveniently place courses to which learners will need to purchase access within that learner’s account, so that all they need to do is click, pay and then begin learning when they move on to a new course. The integrated e-commerce features which facilitate this efficient course purchasing can ensure that training providers generate significant revenue from the platform over the long-term, eventually recouping significantly more than their initial investment in the platform. This return on investment is only increased if these e-commerce features include coupon codes, financial reports and invoicing. The best platforms now allow training providers to track and optimise the value that they receive from them. With one click, one platform and Smartella, you can significantly increase your course sales with consummate ease.

Virtual Classrooms Bring Learning To Life

Learners should be able to access and benefit from training materials no matter where they are in the world. The most profitable platforms for training providers will not only include virtual classrooms, so that large corporations can train staff based globally on the same platform, but will include public and private chat rooms, as well as facilitating annotations on screen, polls and presentations within these virtual classrooms. It is vital that all learners receive bespoke learning experiences when completing training courses. Virtual classrooms allow these experiences to take place, as well as providing learners and their teachers with ideas for new ones, so that course materials can be learnt as effectively as possible. These virtual classrooms are one of Smartella’s most popular features, and make a significant contribution to the large returns which our clients enjoy.

How Does Smartella Provide Excellent Value For Training Providers?

Smartella combines all of the features listed above and far, far more to deliver exceptional education and training to learners. Naturally, this results in the generation of large profits for training providers. World-renowned training providers such as Aperian Global are not only using Smartella, but are also integrating our platform with their GlobeSmart platform, to give learners seamless experiences across boundaries. You can watch Aperian Global’s co-founder, Ted Dale, discuss why Smartella is so crucial to his business’s continuing global growth here.


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