When your business has offices in different countries, you know you’ve really made it. These businesses will want to train their staff wherever they are based globally. As a training provider, how many of these businesses would you like to have as clients. If your answer is ‘all of them and more’ then you need to hire trainers internationally. Here we’ll explain why these internationally-based trainers will make such learners from around the world love your courses.

What If Trainers Understood How Business Is Really Done Abroad?

If trainers are based in the same country as their learners, their location assists with far more than just language issues. Trainers who are able to pick-up on culturally important issues will be able to communicate information to learners in a way that they’ll really appreciate and respond to. Being able to add extra cultural understanding to courses covering negotiation and other key areas of business will add so much more value to learners because trainers will tell them things that could never be found in a textbook, and will teach in a context with is immediately relevant to their learners. Smartella’s unique platform allows trainers to seamlessly add their ideas to course resources from wherever they are living.

Why Keep Knowledge Within Borders?

Learning is best when it’s spread around the world. By basing your trainers globally, you can ensure that your learners have access to the very latest in internationally-recognised understanding of the topics that they are studying, no matter where they are in the world. Insights from leading internationally-based trainers can immediately by included in your course so that learners around the world can benefit from them and gain new skills. Smartella allows users from around the world to discuss these ideas in subject specific chat rooms because sometimes, knowledge is too exciting to keep to yourself.

Would A World Class Hotel Give Your Event A Boost?

What’s the point of travelling to, or tuning into a seminar that’s held at a rubbish location. Bad food, bad drapes, and worse service will doing nothing to create exceptional educational experiences for your learners.

By contrast, choosing a wonderful location for seminars gives your course such a boost for several reasons. Firstly, the high levels of service you will receive there will make sure that everything runs smoothly so that all of your learners can focus on their course without distractions.

Secondly, luxury hotels almost always have conference suites which are equipped with the very latest technology, so that your course can be streamed online as easily as possible.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly; choosing one of these elite venues will give all of your learners a feeling of success, and will motivate them to achieve high marks on your course, in order to progress even more in their own lives. Basing staff in key cities around the world makes the organisation of these events so much easier. Even if they are joining via one of Smartella’s virtual classrooms, this positive feeling will resonate with your learners.

Could Your Courses Be More Exciting?

A training session can degenerate rapidly into an hour-long battle between learners and a pressing urge to fall asleep. This conflict between sitting through a seminar and finding more enjoyment in losing consciousness is only exacerbated by boring course materials, which don’t change to reflect different cultures. Inviting trainers from different global cities to contribute to your course will allow your learners to experience a wider variety of thoughts, ideas and cultural influences while they are studying. This variety of knowledge will open your learners up to new ways of thinking about the material that they are studying and may well help them to be able to place what they have learnt in a global context after they finish the course.

How Can Smartella Help You To Connect Your Trainers Around The World

Smartella’s intuitive platform allows trainers to join virtual classrooms, no matter where they are based in the world. We can also help you to stream your seminars to a global audience to create interactive blended learning experiences for anyone who studies your course. Thanks to our platform, you can combine knowledge from around the world to create the fascinating courses that the biggest businesses in the world urgently require access to. What’s not to love?


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