In all facets of life, knowledge is power. This could not be truer in a business context. In today’s fast-moving connected economy the most versatile, culturally aware teams will be the most profitable.

Here we will explore how e-learning can give teams in all sectors these skills and help global businesses to grow.

1. Training Staff Remotely Saves Money And Boosts Productivity

Imagine having to host training days for all of your staff at multiple locations around the world. This would cost a fortune. Worse still, some team members don’t find intensive 2 or 3-day courses a good way to learn and therefore would not benefit from your investment in their training. On the other hand, offering training as a digital blended learning program allows you to:

  • Create bespoke, differentiated courses and assessments based on staff members’ abilities.
  • Offer video-conferencing between your staff and tutors who speak their language.
  • Split learning into bite-sized chunks, so that time is not sapped from servicing clients and hitting relevant KPIs.
  • Invest the money that would have been spent on hiring venues for training days elsewhere in the business.

Rather than watching staff become unenthused in long training workshops that are not suitable for >them, giving them an account on an e-learning platform allows them to learn the information that >will push their role in your business forwards in the way that suits them best, whilst remaining cost and time-effective for your business.

2. Everyone Learns Differently – Make Sure They Hit The Same Targets

While e-learning allows people to learn at their own pace, the right platform makes sure that they all hit the same academic targets. The advantage of a digital LMS (learning management system) as opposed to conventional classroom-based learning, is that you can measure not only the grades a student achieves on assignments and examinations, but their journey to those grades. How long did they spend reading a particular resource? How many times did they edit their responses before submitting final answers to your questions?

It would be impossible to glean this level of detail without digital technology, and teachers cannot be there all the time. Thanks to the latest technology, now they constantly monitor their students’ performance, ensuring that they are all on course to achieve the results that are expected of them.

3. Improve Cultural Understanding

By allowing all of your employees to chat to each other about their experiences whilst studying a particular course on the same online platform, they can learn far more than the information they will be examined on.

By understanding how colleagues in different countries approach different topics and approach the problem solving required to achieve high marks in examinations, your employees can learn an enormous amount about how these colleagues solve different challenges faced in day-to-day business operations. This allows teams in one country to deal more sensitively and productively with teams in another in the creation of successful projects which generate significant revenue for the business.

Imagine your employees are seconded to one of your international offices and suddenly find themselves having to adapt to a brand-new culture rapidly, so that they can conduct their new roles as smoothly as possible.

The ability to log-in from their phone, tablet or PC and discuss any linguistic or cultural questions they have with a tutor, while seeing instantly how far they are progressing on each assignment will fill these employees with confidence. That provides your business with an agile and productive global staff.

4. Reduces Stress

Even your hardest working employees may feel as though there are not enough hours in the day to complete all of the tasks which they have been assigned. Having to make further time for workshops lasting several hours at a time could cause them to become seriously stressed about whether they will meet all the deadlines they have been set.

E-learning reduces this stress by allowing your staff to study in their own time and focus the time they spend and the questions they ask on any areas they may be struggling with, rather than having to sit through several hours of content which is not relevant to their specific role within your organization. Better still, knowing that they have learned something really useful from an e-learning session which is immediately applicable to their workload, will encourage your staff and make them feel as though they can accomplish any task they are set. This confidence replaces the stressed environment that your office was at risk of becoming, with the consistently highly productive environment that you hope it will always be.

5. Update Courses Quickly

If you are a teacher, one of the most galling experiences that you can suffer through, involves preparing and printing page after page of learning resources for a course, only to find that the syllabus or a key piece of relevant legislation suddenly changes, and you have to re-write all of the materials, whose preparation has already consumed several days of your life.

A blended learning platform allows you to quickly re-word certain examination questions, upload new files, and even make quick changes to entire folders of resources in just a few clicks. This makes it far easier to update your courses and allows you to spend more time teaching your students, rather than on administration.

From a business’s perspective, this easy updating system lets them ensure that their staff members are always up to date with the latest developments in their specialist fields and that the educational staff they work with bill them for time spent predominantly teaching instead of filling out paperwork.

How Does Smartella Use E-Learning To Grow Businesses?

Our innovative platform combines e-commerce with a pioneering LMS and virtual classrooms. This allows students to find all the information they need to learn in one place after only a few clicks. Every feature that you would expect to find in a high-quality LMS is optimized on Smartella’s platform. Would you like to be able to see and respond to a teacher’s annotations of your work a video-conference? No problem. Can you pick the exact nature of the questions in examinations? Yes, of course. Can you buy access to new courses from within the platform? Absolutely.

Smartella allows businesses to offer tailored courses that can be adapted to staff members’ personal styles of studying. Learning is then more effective and produces highly trained staff whose skills will play an integral role in their employer’s growth. We also save businesses huge amounts of money by charging one flat-fee for access to our platform, rather than a series of per-user monthly subscription fees. If you are looking to take your business forward in 2019, Smartella is one of the easiest ways to train your staff as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, while offering them a premium learning.