While we’re sure that you’re enjoying reading all of our carefully prepared promotional materials, you’d probably like to know exactly how our platform helps some of the world’s biggest business to grow. That’s why we’ve posted this cracking case study. Before launching their GlobeSmartⓇ platform, one of the pre-eminent global training providers, Aperian GlobalⓇ, consulted a large number of e-learning software providers to find the perfect partner for them. After a careful and competitive process, they chose to partner with Smartella to bring their innovative platform to learners around the world. Here’s how our technology is helping Aperian GlobalⓇ to change the way that the business world learns.

Why Did Aperian GlobalⓇ Contact Us?

Imagine attending a meeting abroad half-an-hour earlier than is customary without realising it. You’d end up sitting there looking like an absolute lemon while pretending to read the newspaper in a foreign language. This reading would only dig a bigger hole for yourself and the whole impression would reflect terribly on the business which you were representing. Aperian GlobalⓇ created GlobeSmartⓇ to address this concern directly. This innovative platform enables learners to understand and gain an appreciation for how their foreign colleagues and counterparts approach business, so that they understand how to conduct business successfully in the country that they’re working in and observe all relevant customs perfectly. To accomplish this, Aperian GlobalⓇ needed a platform that would not just allow them to give their users easy access to a plethora of resources as part of these cultural understanding courses. They needed a platform which would transform these resources into videos, virtual classrooms and forums to create exceptional, memorable learning experiences. That’s why they contacted Smartella.

How Did We Add Value?

Our platform allows Aperian Global’sⓇ learners to seamlessly dip in and out of resources at the touch of a button, without leaving GlobeSmartⓇ. Our technology also incorporates e-learning with live lectures and seminars, to provide learners with holistic blended learning experiences. Creating these experiences for their learners in a way that was completely bespoke to their requirements and free from any third-party branding was of paramount importance to Aperian GlobalⓇ. They wanted to provide experiences so amazing, that their clients wouldn’t even think about changing their training providers. Thanks to our platform, they were able to do exactly that, and have been able to achieve impressive results for blue-chip clients around the world.

Importantly, unlike other online learning providers, we don’t charge a per user fee. This flexibility of pricing means that as many learners as possible can benefit from this excellent platform without having to settle large fees. We and Aperian GlobalⓇ believe that everyone should be able to gain greater understanding about different cultures and price our services accordingly.

What Is GlobeSmartⓇ And Why Is It So Innovative?

Our help would also be needed to create one of the most impressive elements of GlobeSmartⓇ, their Profile system. This fully-transparent profiling analyses the way in which staff in each country that a corporation operates in work and communicate with each other. If you have a team in Mexico City who are struggling to work with your team in London, this profiling system will tell you why in a series of clear, elegantly designed charts. Without this technology, a reason for the miscommunication may never have been found. Worse still, the issue could have been broached insensitively with colleagues. Thanks to this technology, you can raise these issues with colleagues in sensitive ways, as the discussion will have arisen on the basis of objective data, rather than subjective personal opinion. Then solutions can be found expeditiously.

After partnering with Smartella, Aperian GlobalⓇ has been able to increase cultural understanding internationally, by offering unique technology to universities and corporations which profit by working across borders.

Watch Our Full Interview With Ted Dale, Aperian GlobalⓇ Co-Founder


  • Ted Dale – Co-founder of Aperian GlobalⓇ
  • Amir Shurrab – Co-founder & CEO of Smartella
  • Yiannis Maos – CMO of Smartella


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