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The Most Interactive Learning System

Designed to help you effortlessly create courses that capture your learner’s imagination, Smartella consists of an intuitive Learning Management System, an immersive Virtual Classroom, an Interactive Content Creation Tool and an eCommerce store all in one solution.

Create personal & engaging learning experiences.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to enable you to easily create learning content and courses, so you have more time to spend on the things that matter - engaging your learners and ensuring that they have a great experience.

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Host engaging & memorable online learning

Online learning has evolved. No longer are students satisfied with video calls and static course material - they want interactive and immersive learning. With our Virtual Classroom you can take your online learning to a whole new level and engage them like never before.

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Effortlessly create engaging content your users will love

At Smartella we believe in making your life easier, that’s why we’ve created an Interactive Content Creation Tool that allows you to create engaging videos and presentations. Best of all it comes as standard with our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS).

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A fully integrated & powerful eCommerce solution

We believe that if you’ve spent valuable time creating courses, you need to be able to offer these to your audience without the need to promote them on another platform. Smartella’s eCommerce solution allows you to do just that and is fully integrated into our LMS.

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You create great courses,
We take them globally..

We are trusted by our clients to deliver courses that create memorable experiences. Our Platform is used by global brands, innovative startups and everyone in between.

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