Interactive Content Creation Tool

Effortlessly create engaging content your users will love

At Smartella we believe in making your life easier, that’s why we’ve created an Interactive Content Creation Tool that allows you to create engaging videos and presentations. Best of all it comes as standard with our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS).

Bring interactivity to your learning experience.


Smartella is easy to customise and allows us to deliver personal and interactive content. There’s a revolution going on in eLearning and Smartella is emerging as the leader in this space.

Ted DaleCo-Founder, Aperian Global

A high value, interactive experience for all.

It’s time for a new approach.

Expensive SCORM packages and animations used to be the only way to create interactive content, but not any more. We believe that having the ability to create interactive content should be standard and it’s why we’ve incorporated into our LMS.

3 easy steps to interactive content.

In three easy steps you can have interactive content as part of your courses… Simply upload your video or presentation, add in interactive elements like polls or quizzes and then publish to make them available to your learners - it really is that easy.

A great learning experience.

Studies show that learners prefer interactive content and that it enhances their experience. That’s why we’ve made this part of our solution - giving you the ability to deliver interactive, interesting and intelligent learning.

Interactivity at your fingertips

We believe in listening to our customers and responding to their needs. That’s why we’ve developed our Interactive Content Creation Tool based on what you’ve told us you value.


Create interactive timelines to take learners on a journey.


Add quizzes to your videos to keep them fun and engaging.


Use polls to keep your learner’s attention.

Upload Content

Upload your own videos or simply add a link from YouTube.


Add your existing presentations and them bring them to life with interactive features.

Quick & Easy

Our simple drag & drop interface makes creating interactive content quick and easy.


Ask your learners questions about what they have seen to ensure they’ve digested it.


Reward your learners with certificates, badges and messages of congratulations.

Unlike other standalone authoring tools, our Interactive Content Creation Tool comes pre-packaged as part of our 360 Learning Environment (including our innovative LMS and Virtual Classroom).

To find out more about our Interactive Content Creation Tool and to explore the full functionality of our entire platform, request a personalised demo.

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