How many boring course adverts do you see every day? How many times do you look at one of these adverts and think – ‘who the hell would take this course?’ – You need to make sure that nobody comes to this conclusion about your course, by making your marketing as exciting as possible.

Does Your Marketing Interest A Business Audience?

If your course doesn’t appeal to a business audience, what’s the point of it? Many learners measure the value that they receive from a course by the increase in remuneration that they receive after completing their studies. Therefore it is vital that your marketing materials give a concise explanation of the skills that learners will improve after studying your course, and detail why these skills are needed for progression to more senior positions in their industries. Smartella’s platform allows you to present your course to an audience of global business leaders. Make the most of it.

Make Sure That Your Courses Are Recognised By The Most Prestigious Professional Associations

Nobody wants to take a course, achieve great marks, and then have to take the entire course again because the qualification is not recognised by leading professional associations in their sectors or countries. The best courses are well-regarded internationally and therefore, give anyone who completes them successfully a range of lucrative career options. It is important that you include the logos of the professional associations which accredit your course on all of its marketing materials. This will provide candidates with a crucial piece of information that will significantly influence whether or not they take your course, as soon as they first come into contact with your course marketing materials. Smartella is a go-to destination for professionals, all of our courses are fully accredited and have a proven track-record of success.

Are You Trending On Social Media?

LinkedIn groups are great places to market your course. You can leave posts and comments that answer the questions that your potential learners are asking, and then drive them to your course as the long-term solution to these issues. For example, if someone is worried about their job applications, or their CV in general, you can use these online forums to explain briefly why your course would help them to secure their dream job, and then invite them to communicate with you directly to find out more information.

In reference to other networks, quotes from happy learners and videos of their successful graduation (which can be included in ‘stories’) are extremely Instagram friendly. The key with this form of marketing is not to overload potential learners with information. The best way to market on social media is to tell your target audience exactly what they want to hear to reassure them over any concerns about your course that they may have, as concisely as possible.

Does Your Course Look Great Online?

When learners view a course online, they want to imagine the success that they will achieve when they’ve successfully completed it. To invoke these dreams, your course has to look impressive online. That means that videos summarising the course and an ability to ask general questions to a member of your team are essential for effective course marketing. Courses that are only advertised with pictures that don’t direct potential learners to a point of contact with whom they can discuss any questions they may have, will not sell. The more you invest in the creation of quality digital content to market your courses, the greater your return on investment will be.

How Can Smartella Help You With Effective Course Marketing?

Our platform gives you a phenomenal opportunity to do far more than just market your courses. Smartella lets you create personalised learning experiences for anyone who may be interested in taking your course, before they purchase it. Our platform also allows training providers to incentivise purchases of their courses by offering discounts to learners through coupon codes. We also offer seamless payment gateways so that when a learner decides to pay for your course, their transaction is processed as efficiently as possible. These gateways also look great on screen, to give your learners even more confidence in the value offered by your course.


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