When was the last time that you attended a traditional seminar and didn’t fall asleep in the middle of it? That was probably several decades ago, when you had more hair. Blended learning is combining traditional seminars with E-learning, to finally make them interesting. By using innovative platforms like Smartella, you can deliver courses that your learners will want to buy more and more of. We hope you enjoy gaining a massive, long-term edge over your competitors.

Blended Learning = Boosted Profits

You’re seminar plans were going so well. But then, disaster struck and terrible weather is forcing you to consider cancelling. Postponing the seminar could cost you thousands of pounds. What do you do?

By inviting your delegates to participate in a virtual classroom, you’ll let them learn from brilliant minds wherever those minds happen to be located around the world, even if they are unable to travel to the venue of your seminar. Better still, if some delegates have successfully made the trip, but some have not; then a virtual classroom will allow them all to interact. This solution saves you from having to cancel your seminar and issue the associated reputationally damaging refunds and apologies. This solution is not a hypothetical scenario that our writer created while enjoying a coffee. We actually provided a solution just like this to one of our clients during the nightmarish snow of Spring 2018. They saved £25,000 in one weekend thanks to our platform. Had we not provided expert assistance, they would have needed to refund all of this money and would have suffered a significant financial loss as a direct result.

E-Learning + E-Commerce = Increased Profits For Training Providers

Having pulled your seminar back from the brink of cancellation by using an innovative blending learning platform, you are now able to provide your delegates with everything that they need to succeed. But what happens if other learners hear about your course and want to book on too at the last minute? Normally, these late bookings could not be processed as your seminar room would have a maximum capacity. By selling digital access to these seminars online, learners can log-in to their account and tune into your seminar as soon as it begins. Consequently, you can profit from the extra business that this late interest generates. Not many platforms offer training providers an e-commerce facility that would allow them to enjoy this extra profit.

Smartella not only allows you to sell courses to other learners who use the platform, but also allows you to advertise your courses on the platform, so that these courses appear as attractive as possible to those learners. If you’re not excited by this, then your accountant will be. Access to knowledge is no longer limited by the number of chairs that can be comfortably fitted into a room. If someone wants to take your course, they can purchase access to it on our platform from the comfort of their own home.

Forums Make Studying So Much Easier

The bane of many lecturers lives is students messaging each other or using social media apps in seminars. What if messaging could be built into an e-learning platform, so that lecturers could engage in chats with their students about the material being studied? Something disruptive would then be transformed into a constructive learning aide. The multiple forums and chats available on Smartella’s platform enables not only this communication, but also for learners to talk to each other and discuss any questions they may have about the course. Whether used as part of a seminar, or outside of the conference room, our forums allow learners to enhance their educational experiences, regardless of their level of understanding of the course material before beginning studying. The result is that they will achieve better course results and will enjoy a positive experience while studying, which inclines them to purchase access to other courses.

Increase Your Market While You Still Can

More and more training providers are looking to e-learning platforms to increase their profits. By acting now, you can ensure that you can attract learners to your courses, before they start studying your competitors’ courses. E-learning is the future of training. The cost of access to many platforms will only increase over time as they become more and more celebrated, and more and more popular. Why not make profits now, rather than waiting and reacting to profits made by others?


To give your learners the tools they need to succeed from any location, please get in touch with us today. Let’s move knowledge forwards together.