Is blended learning some weird new government quango? No. Is it something gross that came out of a blender? No. Does it at least taste better that a protein shake? We’re not too sure about that one. Rather nourishing your muscles, blended learning nourishes your mind through a brand new style of education. Over the years, thousands of different learning methods have been tried and tested to see if they helped students to achieve higher results in exams. Through blended learning, education professionals have discovered techniques to mix the very best elements of audio, visual, online and FTF learning to create an ideal environment for learners to acquire knowledge and apply it successfully to their professional lives. Here we will explore how blended learning optimises some of the most popular learning styles currently in use, to create this ideal environment.

Visual Learning

We could have probably written a blog about 1000 things that are more interesting than charts and diagrams. However, we thought it was worth mentioning that Smartella has finally found a way to make these learning resources interesting. From charts that update live in direct correspondence to world events, to diagrams that can be presented in any number of colours and designs; visual learning on our platform allows individual learners to customise the way in which they interact with resources so that they can learn as effectively as possible. Digitisation of these learning resources also removes any risk of them being lost or proving difficult to find. Smartella unique blend of learning styles therefore only improve the efficacy of visual learning.

Auditory Learning

Sometimes the only way that you can listen to a training session without falling asleep is if it is downloadable as an interesting podcast. That’s why we made them a major feature of our platform. These podcasts allow learners to listen to expert analysis of complex issues at their leisure and increase their understanding of these issues as they make their way to work, go to the gym or do their weekly shops. Blended learning helps this acquisition of knowledge immensely. These podcasts also have the potential to save educational professionals a lot of time, by answering many of the questions that learners may have about the various topics covered in a course. By facilitating the combination of this auditory learning with FTF classes, blended learning has allowed auditory learning to become far more prevalent and effective across a plethora of courses.

FTF Learning

Face-to-face learning has always been integral to education. However, your lecturer’s face is probably the last thing that you want to see at 8am. Thanks to blended learning and Smartella classes given in anywhere in the world can be shared with a truly global audience, at the best time for them. This allows businesses around the world to give their staff the tools they need to upskill and find highly lucrative solutions to some of the most complex problems that are facing our societies. It also prevents you from having to deal with the complexities of your course material before you’ve finished your breakfast.

How Does Smartella’s Blended Learning Platform Add Particular Value For Learners?

The combination of e-commerce, virtual classrooms and an innovative LMS at the core of Smartella’s platform allows learners to combine different learning styles to maximise the results achieved from the courses that they’re studying. Students and education professionals can make annotations during the video-conferences, so that any questions that are asked can be answered as quickly as possible. Access to any new courses which may be required can be purchased from within our platform in just a few clicks. Exams can be tailored to learners exact requirements. Most importantly our platform allows course providers to give global businesses access to the resources they need to ensure that every member of their staff has the knowledge and skills required to offer best-in-class service to each of their clients.


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