Is finding out what a ‘Flipped Classroom’ is, worth the next five minutes of your life? After much debate, we decided that it was, as this new learning method could change your life. As its name suggests, the concept of the ‘Flipped Classroom’ is turning education on its head. In traditional classrooms, much of the work required to successfully complete a course is done inside the classroom while the teacher is present. By contrast, a ‘Flipped Classroom’ refers to courses where much of the work is completed by learners in their own time. They will often be set tasks and assignments which are to be attempted online, and then bring their work into class for a discussion.

Isn’t That Like Homework?

No, the two concepts are different. Regular homework involves one or more assignments which need to be completed to a certain standard, to demonstrate that a learner has gained a sufficient understanding of topics covered during a class. In the ‘Flipped Classroom’ learners gain an understanding of topics through their own research, before expanding this understanding through group work and discussions with their teacher in class. The teacher develops knowledge that the learner already has about a topic, rather than introducing a learner to a topic about which they then have to develop a greater understanding through the completion of homework. This is why the classroom is ‘flipped.’

What Are The Benefits Of A ‘Flipped Classroom’? I’m Still Not 100% Persuaded That I Should Care

A ‘Flipped Classroom’ allows for a more personalised style of learning. Traditional classrooms place obligations on all of the learners present to comprehend and synthesise complex information in exactly the same way as each other, no matter how many of them are attending a class.

The new idea of the ‘Flipped Classroom’ allows each learner not only to absorb information through the learning style which is most suitable for them, at a time that is most suitable for them, but also allows their teachers to create customised online resources for them to enhance their learning. That way, education professionals can provide each of their learners with tailored educational experiences without having to spend hours after each class giving various individuals additional private tuition. Instead, they can use intuitive digital platforms to make resource creation easy, delivering just as much value to their learners whilst saving themselves considerable amounts of time.

How Can A ‘Flipped Classroom’ Help My Business To Deliver Courses More Effectively?

Businesses need their staff to gain crucial skills wherever they are in the world and during whatever time they have spare after servicing clients each day. If one of your learners needs to attend a crucial sales meeting at the same time as a traditional class, they won’t be able to attend both. However, if you deliver courses through a ‘Flipped Classroom,’ then your learner will be able to study all of the materials from the class online on Smartella’s platform; after the sales meeting has finished. That way, they are able to upskill while carrying out their day-to-day work successfully, and your business receives maximum value from their learning.

How Does Smartella Create A Premium Flipped Classroom?

Smartella allows both education professionals and learners to make annotations during classes. It also facilitates video-conferencing, the creation of bespoke digital resources, and provides learners with opportunities to purchase and access new courses in just a few clicks. The combination of the ‘Flipped Classroom’ with an innovative LMS and a super-fast E-Commerce is truly unique. With Smartella, your learners will gain convenient access to comprehensive, immersive and challenging courses, all in one incredible platform.


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