The evolution of Aperian Global

Aperian Global (AG) partnered with Smartella to provide cultural and leadership training over a scalable, blended learning solution that enables Aperian Global to conduct business effectively across boundaries and deliver training to an impressive list of clients including: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Volvo, Ford, and many other top forward-thinking organisations all over the world.

Ted Dale, cofounder of Aperian Global, talks about how Smartella empowered AG to deliver blended learning to some of the most widely recognized organizations in the world such as Apple and Amazon.

Using Smartella, Aperian Global managed to offer ⅓ of its training online with a vision to offer ⅔ online in the next couple of years; and to integrate its flagship GlobeSmart platform with Smartella to provide a seamless user experience.

With over 25 years of experience, Aperian’s consulting, training, and online learning tools help employees at all levels to engage global and local counterparts in a fully inclusive way, bringing out their best ideas while serving as a catalyst for innovative new solutions.