eLearning company Smartella, based in the West Midlands, has received additional investment to help them expand internationally and invest in new technology. The company which provides organisations with a platform consisting of a Learning Management System, Virtual Classroom, eCommerce Solution and Interactive Content Creation Tool, will use the investment to expand their team, enhance the user experience and deliver more value to their customers through new and enhanced features.

Founder of Smartella, Amir Shurrab, commented on the new investment:

The investment marks another significant milestone for Smartella, our vision is to create a platform that redefines how online learning is delivered and the funding will allow us to move a step closer to making this a reality.”

Shurrab, who founded the company in 2018, has previously won a number of EdTech awards, including a global technology award organised by the UN and has been noted as someone with exceptional talent by Tech Nation.

The investment has been provided by UK seed investor, Startup Funding Club (SFC), and follows a previous round of funding. Commenting on the new investment, Rohallah Ghasemi, Investment Manager at SFC said:

Smartella is at the cutting-edge of eLearning and their platform offers organisations a personalised and innovative way of delivering their online learning experiences. We’ve reinvested in Smartella as we believe the organisation has huge potential and their focus on constant innovation means they will be leading the transformation of online learning.”

Smartella’s ambitious plans are backed up by a strong foundation, with the platform already being used by organisations across the world – including being used to train employees of Apple, Adobe and Tata.

For additional comments please contact Dr Mohammad Nazir (Smartella MD & Chairman): nazir@smartella.co.uk 


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About Smartella


Smartella is an all-in-one solution that enables organisations to deliver training and events to an online audience.

Their platform consists of a Learning Management System, a Virtual Classroom and an eCommerce store – ideal for small businesses, large corporates, and academic institutions.