Public and Private Chat

Engage with learners via public or private chat.

While sharing audio is a great way to connect with learners, it is not always possible. Not all devices are equipped with microphones, especially for learners accessing the virtual classroom from a work device. Some learners prefer not to share their microphones due to a noisy background or lack of confidence; others may experience technical difficulties which can cause interruptions or delays. That’s why we’ve added a chat room to the Smartella virtual classroom.

Smartella is equipped with a chat function that allows learners to send written messages during a session. They can use the chat room to type comments, ask questions and give answers. There are options for public and private chats so that you can communicate with learners as a group or 1-to-1 as required.

Recording The Chat

The recording of your virtual classroom session will also capture all of the content in the public chat room. Therefore, if a question is submitted on the chat but answered verbally by the instructor, learners accessing the recording can see the question that is being responded to. You can also copy the chat or save and download it as a text file for later reference.