Pricing Models

We help you create a pricing model that best suits your business and your customers. Whether that’s fixed price, subscription, tokens or a mix of these, we can help to ensure your customers access their learning in a way that benefits both you and them.

Payment Gateways

Smartella also integrates into the majority of the payment gateways and best of all we charge zero commission! Many of our clients use Stripe, a global payment gateway, to do business online. Smartella supports both Stripe and the payment gateway of your choice.

This means that accepting payments from your learners couldn’t be easier or cheaper for you, allowing you to maximise the potential of your content.


When a customer makes an online purchase, Smartella automatically sends them an invoice over email. The system also automatically calculates VAT according to the customer’s location and applies it to the invoice.

Alternatively, you can manually create an invoice to be paid with by a bank transfer. This is especially useful for clients making business-to-business sales, where online payments may not be suitable, or when a client purchases courses in bulk.

Discounts & Coupon codes

Smartella lets you offer discounts and coupons to your customers on their online purchases. You can set all of the parameters, including restricting the discount in relation to types of purchase, duration of discount, minimum and maximum spend or discount.

For example, you may choose to offer a fixed discount, such as £10 off, or a percentage discount, where the customer gets 20% off. In both cases, the discount can be limited by time, so you can set the dates that the discount is available. It can also be a conditional discount, which relies on the customer buying a certain product or spending a certain amount.

Email Templates

Using Smartella’s custom emails function, you can communicate with your clients in your preferred style and tone.