Sell Courses and Merchandise Too

Smartella isn’t just to sell courses. We help you sell merchandise and learning materials too, as well as anything else to support your learners. Our platform also enables you to suggest relevant courses and up-sell modules through the e-Commerce store, allowing you to maximise your revenue potential.

Sell More

We know you’ve got more to offer your learners than courses. Smartella means you can upsell and cross-sell your courses in combination with each other, or with other merchandise such as books and engineering kits, to provide the learner with as many materials as possible to support their progress.
You can even promote these products within your courses, referring your learners to the additional purchases to enhance their learning.

Package Multiple Courses and/or Merchandise

You can combine courses into a bundle, allowing learners to purchase multiple related courses or merchandise that is relevant to their course.
By combining your courses into a bundle, you can maximise the revenue potential of your online and offline learning content. Bundles increase the amount of courses that your learner is buying, and therefore increases sales revenue.
For example, you may choose to combine your course with an engineering kit. This encourages the learner to combine their virtual learning with a practical experience that reinforces their knowledge.