Blend: Virtual Classrooms with F2F Training

Smartella platform makes it possible for instructors to deliver content face-to-face and in the virtual classroom at the same time. By presenting to the virtual classroom as part of a face-to-face session, your learners can join both online and offline and interact with each other. Also, your instructors can join either online or on-site!

The Benefits of Blending

Blended learning is a great way to deliver sessions, as it reduces the risk of last-minute (and frequently expensive) issues such as venue access, transport or low attendance, which may cause the session to be delayed or cancelled. Importantly, it does not compromise any face-to-face learners attending the session. Blended learning makes sessions widely accessible to many learners, regardless of the location or finances of each individual learner.

It Pays to Provide Blended Learning

Smartella used blended learning to help a large training provider save more than £25,000 when severe weather brought the UK to a standstill in March 2018. You can read about how we did this on our blog:

 How Smartella stopped the weather from costing a training provider £25K.