Why Smartella?


Mobile learning is completely supported via HTML5 technology.

  • No Flash.
  • Run smoothly on mobiles and tablets without the need to install any apps (most companies have a strict policy for downloading third party software on their devices).


Responsive courses that adapt themselves to any screen size. Whether it is a large PC screen or a small mobile screen, the module will adapt itself to fit.


Learners don’t need to learn how to use the course itself. Our courses are intuitive and easy to navigate.

  • We provide eLearning courses that enhance the learning experience.


Translation can be imported easily. We give you a word document contains all the script within the course to translate. Once translated, it can be imported easily into the eLearning module.

Want us to handle the translation for you? Get in touch

xAPI ready

Get ready to the next-generation standard. We can create an xAPI package of the final module.

  • xAPI = Experience API = Tin Can API
  • We can help in choosing the best Learning Record Store (LRS) for your business. Get in touch


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Get a warranty for your course. What’s included