Interactive Video

During our work as eLearning consultants, clients constantly asked if we can force the learner to watch a video in its entirety before progressing to the next stage of training. While this is technically possible, it may not be the most effective method to create learning.

A learner may choose to distract themselves from the video by chatting with a colleague or making a drink. Using an interactive video ensures their continued engagement with the video and its contents. It is designed to test the learner’s knowledge of the video with a series of questions that must be answered correctly in order for the learner to progress. If the learner selects an incorrect answer, the video replays the relevant section of the video to allow them to provide the correct answer. When the learner does select the correct answer, this confirms their learning and understanding of the contents.

It’s super easy to create an interactive video on Smartella’s platform. All you need to do is to upload or embed your video from your chosen source and then add the points of interactivity. This interactivity is in the form of questions that can be answered in various ways, including: fill the blank, multiple choice, or drag-and-drop.