Auto Recording

Instructors can easily produce a record of the session at the touch of a button. The recording captures all aspects of the virtual classroom, including slides, annotations, chat and camera streaming. The instructor can pause and resume recordings when they require.

Auto Listing

When the recording is complete, it will be automatically listed for learners to access, without the need for the instructor to do anything. No more downloading video files and then uploading them again or sending links to recordings; thanks to Smartella’s automation.

Hiding Recordings

You have the control to hide recordings from your learners by pressing a button.

Reusing Your Recordings

Once a recording is complete, it can be shared with learners beyond the original session. This prevents the instructor from delivering the same session multiple times to different learners, which can become repetitive. Indeed, some clients have told us that they use recordings of a session rather than repeating live sessions and then respond to learners’ questions over a forum. Session recordings are also helpful for learners who are working in an additional language or may have other accessibility issues.